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To Improve Health and Readiness Outcomes through Research, Development and Technology-enabled Care Solutions

Services Offered

Business Meeting

Consultation and Concierge

Get focused on your target audience and help them make better, more informed healthcare decisions. We will bridging the gap between benefits and care, provider and patient, hospital and home

Health Professionals and Contingency Support

We assists our partners by providing and managing workforce solutions, including the highly skilled health professionals required to support customer operations. Our team of recruiters have successfully placed thousands of employees into some of the Federal government’s largest programs, allowing customers to deliver quality healthcare services with better outcomes. When conditions require our customers to quickly ramp up their operations, we work diligently to provide highly qualified surge support. DLH has played a key role in providing quality medical personnel and support services during the COVID-19 pandemic and other emergency efforts.

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Utilization Management

From logistics, obtaining resources, managing medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and delivering goods and services to providers and patients.

Case Management

We provide case management services in inpatient and outpatient facilities. Our goal is to Improving patient care, minimizing the care cost. Bridging the gap between benefits and care, provider and patient, hospital and home

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About Our Story

Professional Public Health Advisors are expert clinicians with a vast amount of  education, experience and passion. With powerful resources and unparalleled scientific design, professional and research capabilities  to manage and grow your business. 


Snellville Georgia, 30039


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Looking to grow your business? Professional Public Health Advisor LLC is here to provide you with all the tools you need in order to reach your goals. Leverage your professional services to maximize your business’ profit. Find out more by exploring the services below.

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See what our partners are saying

Client 6


Professional Public Health Advisor LLC played a major role in devising and implementing programs that were designed to facilitate the general health and well-being of the this company.

Client 4


My company received tailored programs that directly related to preventing, controlling, and eradicating vector-borne and communicable diseases as well as other preventable conditions like health hazards that can adversely affect the environment.

Client 1


My Professional Consultant created programs designed to meet our public health needs through education and service such as geriatric healthcare, family planning, and fostering the supply of professional care in areas that we service.

Attractive Young Woman

Professional Public Health Advisors were exactly what my small business needed to help create a custom program to help me develope personnel resources within the technical support occupations, emergency medical systems, and health maintenance organizations.

Pamela S.

Mature Businessman

Professioanl Public Health Advisors 
created a program that helped to align my company hig risk program for drug and alcohol abuse and mental health treatment. They were extremely professional and attentive.

Collin J.

Senior Man

Professional Public Health Advisors was so helpful in providing assistance and advice pertaining to matters that involve improving public health activities at our assisted living facility.

Alfred H.

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